Open Call for Barback position on Monday, February 5th from 3pm-6pm. 


The Hopewell Brewing Company is seeking a barback to add to its taproom front-of-house team. This is an integral role, important to the overall operations of the taproom. Hopewell is seeking a highly motivated individual to add to its small team. 

Barback Job Description

Cleanliness is a huge part of our brand at Hopewell. Our barbacks are responsible for maintaining the aesthetic of our tap room as well as providing bar support to keep service running smoothly.  


  • Tables should be wiped down regularly, particularly during turn over.
  • They should be free of crumbs, trash and empty glassware; they should never be sticky.
  • Coasters and menus should be displayed attractively at each table.
  • Seats that are not in use should be straightened and pushed in under their corresponding tables.


  • The floor will need periodic spot sweeping.
  • Barbacks are responsible for cleaning up broken glassware and spills both on the floor and behind the bar.
  • As a dog/kid friendly establishment, it’s important that the floor be completely clear of broken glassware.


  • Bathrooms should be checked regularly throughout the day/night.
  • TP and paper towels should be fully stocked.
  • Surfaces (shelf, sink, toilets, door handles) should be wiped down with sanitizer.
  • Floors should be cleared of any debris.


  • Empty glassware should be bussed to the bar and run through the dishwasher.
  • Shelves and mats should be stacked with clean glassware.
  • During peak hours, clean, cool glassware will need to be moved from the shelves to the mats besides the draft tower. Warm glassware from the dishwasher can cool on the shelves.
  • Warm glasses should not be stacked.


  • Guests should not be sitting in front of their own trash.
  • Clear all paper plates, napkins, food containers, paper bags etc… to the trash can.
  • When trash cans are full, replace the bags and bring full bags to the back door.
  • Bring empty pizza boxes to the back as well.


  • The Game Cart will need to be straightened and wiped down when it gets cluttered.
  • Doors and windows should be smudge-free.
  • The water canteen should be always be full.
  • Barbacks are responsible for assisting in all closing sidework.

Basic Policies:  Violations of these and other company policies are subject to disciplinary action by management.

  • Be ready to work at the time you are scheduled.
  • Do not show up under the influence of drugs or alcohol or visibly hungover.
  • If you are injured, sick or otherwise unable to work, you are responsible for having your shift covered.
  • Inform a bartender/manager if you need to step off of the floor or more than 5 minutes.
  • Breaks need to be a reasonable length and approved.  
  • Do not spend excessive time on your phone, especially behind the bar. Please step away if a message or call requires your immediate attention.
  • Always greet customers with kindness and warmth. You are representing the entire company while you are in the tap room.
  • Beer tasting is useful and important. But this aspect of the job should be used to familiarize yourself with the beers we pour as well as look for any off-flavors. This does *not* mean you should be drinking beer throughout your entire shift.
  • Always maintain professionalism in the tap room; to guests, coworkers and even when you are off work. We are a small, community based business. The way we present ourselves in our own space is vital to the success brand of our company and our brand.


Application Instructions:
Send resume and cover letter to