Neon: De Chaunac

  Neon De Chaunac

Neon: De Chaunac

Mixed-Culture Sour Ale
8.3 % Alc / Vol
750 Fl. Oz

Neon: De Chaunac continues our series of fruited, mixed-culture, bottle-conditioned sour ales.

De Chaunac is a wine grape that we sourced from Michigan, marking our first true wine/​beer hybrid in the NEON series. The grapes were processed in the carbonic maceration method, a technique commonly seen in Beaujolais wine, and one that is being more widely used in the natural wine world.

This process pulls more fruity, vibrant aspects from the grape, leaving behind the tannins that come with the skin. What results here is a complex-yet-drinkable sour beer that shows flashes of what we love about natural wine.

Available for purchase here.

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