Welcome In!

An Update from the Taproom

If you’ve been with us for any part of our almost 7 year journey, you may know that we transitioned to a tip-less model in the taproom during the pandemic to replace what had been a steady source of income for our taproom staff. As we, finally, return to some normalcy we are now moving to a pooled tip model. There are a number of reasons we’ve made this decision. In short, it’s been tough to be nearly alone in trying out a new way of doing things if policies around paid time off, sick leave and subminimum wage don’t also shift. We’ve asked ourselves how we can continue to offer health insurance, PTO and sick leave AND improve the health of our business — and this is how. 

What does this mean for you? We have decreased our prices in the taproom since we know the dollars in our pockets don’t go as far as they used to. There is now space on your receipt to add gratuity, which will be distributed equally amongst our taproom staff. As always, we appreciate all the new-comers and familiar faces through the years!