At Hopewell our focus is on creating clean, bright and inviting beers across a range of styles. Our first package beer was our First Lager, now available in cans.  We love seeing cans of First Lager crumpled in the recycling bin after a barbecue or at a concert. We are now excited to introduce a new series of specialty bottles to our package lineup. These bottles are a natural next step for us, and allow us to experiment with different styles and processes. You can expected some mixed fermentation, barrel-aged beers, sours, and more than we can possibly think of at the moment. 


Side Salad 

Currently Available. A slightly tart Grisette fermented with a blend of our house Belgian and wild yeast cultures. Dry, refreshing and a little funky–a nice companion to the main course. 4.8% abv


Filthy Animal

SOLD OUT. Inspired by our favorite mulled drinks of the holidays, Ya Filthy Animal is a Tart Red Ale brewed with spices, black currants and plums. Brewed in collaboration with Emporium Arcade Bar. Keep the change 


Available 3/3/2018. Terrible Twos is a commemoration of our second anniversary as well as a peek into our young but growing wild barrel program. We hand-selected three of our favorite barrels in the cellar and blended portions of each together to showcase their best elements. 

Final Extended Family .jpg

Extended Family 

SOLD OUT in taproom. Funky, floral and fruity, Extended Family is our flagship Family Saison that has been re-fermented and aged in oak barrels with a blend of six brettanomyces yeast strains. Festival of Barrel-Aged Beer bronze winner two years in a row!


Take Care

Currently Unavailable. A honey saison made with local Illinois honey from Heritage Prairie Farms. Dry with a soft floral aroma, an elegant beer perfect for the season. 6.9% abv

IMG_7497 (1).jpg


Currently Available. An Imperial Coffee Stout showcasing a complex bean from Beneficio San Vicente in Honduras, roasted by our friends at Metric Coffee. Robust and full-bodied with notes of fudge, mocha and caramel.


Front Room

Currently Available. This bottle-conditioned Smoked Vienna Lager showcases a beautiful cherrywood-smoked malt from Pilot Malt House in Michigan, with a malty body to back it up.